Five Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood is a common preference in terms of flooring because of its ability to be restored, durability, and environmental profile. Wood flooring can be solid or engineered.  Engineered wood flooring is composed of 3-12 layers of wood glued and pressed against each other. There are many reasons home and building owners install engineered wood flooring in their properties. But, the following are some of the main reasons:

It Has Better Structural Stability

Engineered wood flooring contains many layers that create a stable wooden flooring board. This is the reason it is a common choice for areas where solid wood is likely to get damaged easily such as kitchens and bathrooms. With its clever construction, engineered wood flooring does not contract and expand to the same extent as solid wood. This means that it can be safely laid in these environments where solid wood will risk damage.

It Is Easy to Install

Engineered wood is easy to work and quick to lay. It is ideal for both DIY and professional installation. Indeed, those are looking to start a project using this wood for the first time can take advantage of a click system to make the job even simpler. A great provider of
engineered timber flooring specialists in Melbourne should be able to inform customers about this system.

It is Durable

The floor’s look must be maintained throughout its lifetime. A tired-looking floor will bring down the overall style of a room. Engineered wood flooring can be sanded to eliminate old scuff marks and restore the wood’s former glory. Then, refinishing it will give it a new lease of life. This means that building owners can freely change the look of their wood flooring whenever they re-sand and refinish it.

It Requires Minimal Maintenance

To maintain engineered wood flooring, a vacuum or a soft-bristled brush should be used for cleaning up dirt and dust. Then, the job can be completed by cleaning the floor with a slightly damp mop. Just like most flooring, spills must be cleaned up as soon as possible so they don’t cause stains.

There is a Variety of Choices of Available

From modern styles to dark and conventional looks, there is something for everyone in terms of engineered wood flooring. Plus, the price range is wide enough to cover any kind of budget. Therefore, no matter buyers need a tough, lacquered low budget option or an oil top quality option, there are options they can choose from. With engineered wood flooring, property owners will get to enjoy both comfort and luxury of solid wood flooring without breaking their bands on the renovation.

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