Natural Home Cleaning Options

Comprehensive Guide to Natural Home Cleaning Options

The chemicals used in many popular cleaning products are much more hazardous than you may think. Recent studies show that commonly used substances such as bleach and ammonia are highly detrimental to respiratory health. In light of this, it’s essential to consider safer, cleaner, and more sustainable alternatives to common cleaning chemicals. Here are some natural home cleaning options you should consider as an alternative to the many hazardous products available.

White Vinegar

Vinegar has a stellar reputation for being fantastic not only for the body but also for cleaning purposes. The usage of white vinegar for cleaning has been recorded throughout history, and to this day, is still highly effective. Vinegar has plenty of uses surrounding removing odors and mildew. Rinsing smelly clothes with a solution of vinegar and water is highly effective in eliminating odors that remain even after conventional washing with soap. Mildew contained within damp belongings is also quickly removed through washing with vinegar solutions.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a staple for many delicious cooking recipes, however, it’s also immensely useful as a natural home cleaning option and extremely effective for carpet cleaning. Surprisingly, when baking soda is mixed with water, it becomes a powerful solution that deodorizes and removes stains. One fundamental property of the substance is the fact that it’s gentle and doesn’t cause damage to fragile fabrics. Hence, using a solution of baking soda is perfect for situations such as washing delicate silk shirts.


Alcohol has a strong history of usage outside of leisurely drinking, especially when it comes to disinfecting and cleaning. In the past, treating wounds and other ailments would involve using alcohol as a disinfectant. Even today, many hand sanitizers used in areas such as hospitals are compromised of alcohol. Hence, these properties translate to great uses for cleaning. Alcohol is useful for disinfecting and cleaning germs around the home, whether it be on fabrics or surfaces such as tabletops.

Citrus Juice

Citrus is known for its high acidity, which translates to antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Adding citrus juices such as lemon juice to your cleaning solutions will boost disinfecting properties while also allowing for pleasant and refreshing scents of lemon afterward. When dealing with odors that stem from bacteria and other microorganisms, you can eliminate them using spot cleaning with citrus juices. Soaking clothes and other fabrics that are odorous in lemon juice is highly effective in not only removing the odors but making the fabric smell better than ever before.


The viscous and thick concoctions possible through using cornstarch are perfect for cleaning windows and other surfaces that accumulate hard to remove stains, dust, and smudges. Cornstarch mixtures are great for latching onto longstanding stains that are particularly hard to remove. The properties of cornstarch allow it to bind to stains on windows, which means when it comes time to rinse, the stains are removed along with the cornstarch. Plenty of window cleaners are notorious for using extremely harsh chemicals that produce noxious fumes. In comparison, using a completely natural and safe mixture of cornstarch to remove stains is an effective and safe alternative.

We believe in consumers having many options when it comes to cleaning floors and access to information on alternative eco natural friendly cleaning solutions. Here is a link to learn more about alternative cleaning solutions.

Outdoor Carpet Ideas

Decorating Outside Using Outdoor Carpet Ideas

The bare look of a garage, deck, or patio may not be for everyone. Sometimes people want something to give their area a little bit of life and make it more attractive for guests. For a basement area, the same sentiment can be felt, and people often look for affordable ways to add carpet to it. If any of these situations describe you, then outdoor carpeting may be right up your alley. Here are some outdoor carpeting ideas that might be useful to you.

Carpet tiles are one of the simplest outdoor carpet options that you can use. The days of having to deal with long pieces of carpeting that need to be cut are over, as carpet tiles take away much of the back-breaking labor that is associated with putting down carpeting. Carpet tiles can be simply locked down or glued into place and they will perform the same job as the big carpet rolls. They’re made of a material that is resistant to mold and mildew, and they’ll be able to last in sunny weather as well.

Indoor-outdoor rugs are an option that lives up to their name. These rugs are made to be used in both environments, making them perfect for the basement one day, and the patio the next. They’re often made of fiber that is created from recycled plastic, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. These rugs are quite durable, can resist mildew and mold, and easy to move around.

Another outdoor carpeting option to use is turf runners. These long strips of artificial turf mimic the look of grass and are lightweight enough to be rolled up and moved to the desired location and then rolled out with ease. The material of turf runners is able to withstand long periods of exposure to the sun. They can even be placed onto the grass and held in place with stakes if necessary. Placing enough of these strips together will make it possible to cover an entire patio area. The traction provided by turf runners works well for those who use wheelchairs to move around.

A similar option to turf runners is turf rugs. They have different dimensions than runners, but are made of the same basic material and have all of the same properties as runners. You can put turf rugs together to cover large areas, but generally, they would be used to cover just once particular space, such as under the furniture on a deck, or a section of a porch.

The benefit of these outdoor carpeting ideas is that they are easy to install and easy on the wallet. Anyone can buy a few tiles, some rugs, or runners, and install them in just a couple of hours for an affordable price. They may not be as soft as normal carpeting, but they’re comfortable enough.

Outdoor carpeting is great because it allows you to change areas of your home that wouldn’t normally be decorated. You can bring the look of the inside of your home to the outside with carpet tiles and rugs, or bring the outside inside with turf runners and turf rugs.

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